Safe & Modern Classrooms

Vote Yes on Measure M

Vote Yes Measure M on November 8th

Ensure that Burlingame students have the safe, modern classrooms needed to reach their full potential. Measure M provides funds for critical repairs & upgrades to classrooms, labs and school facilities.

Committee for Excellent Burlingame Schools 2016, Yes on Measure M

We are a volunteer organization of parents, teachers and community members. We are committed to providing a quality education to our elementary and middle school students.

Prepare Students for the Future

Repair aging classrooms and labs so that Burlingame students will be prepared for the modern world. Burlingame School District provides an exceptional education for elementary and middle school students. But many school facilities are outdated— some are over 100 years old — and are in serious need of repair.

Locally Controlled Funding

Measure M provides dedicated, locally controlled funding to support a safe and modern learning environment for our students. Vote Yes on M to fund replacement of deteriorating classrooms and old portables, so that teachers can focus on providing students with excellent instruction in core academics like math, science, reading and writing. Measure M will help prepare our students for success in high school, college and beyond. Updated computers and classroom technology will ensure our students take the next step ready to compete for high-demand jobs in science, technology and engineering.

Repairs, Maintenance and Upgrades

Yes on M — Necessary Repairs for Modern Burlingame Schools

  • Repairs, maintenance and upgrades to classrooms
  • Access for students with disabilities
  • Fix leaking roofs, find & remove lead and asbestos
  • Bring facilities up to current earthquake, fire and safety codes
  • Single point of entry gates at all schools
  • Bring science, technology and engineering labs up to the same 21st-century standards

Every Penny Stays Here in Burlingame

  • All money raised will be controlled locally to support local elementary and middle schools and cannot be taken away by the State
  • Independent citizen oversight and annual audits are required
  • No money can be used for administrator salaries

While some of our schools have been renovated recently, others have not, and all local students deserve equal access to safe and up to date classrooms. Join us in voting Yes on M — modern Burlingame schools equipped for 21st-century student success.